Ultramarine Blue Watercolor 1 oz. bottle



Pigment: PB29

As with all of our watercolor descriptions I’ll let AI do the work:

Ultramarine Blue, a color of pure surprise,

A pigment that awakens my poet’s eyes.

Like a bolt from the sky, it electrifies the scene,

Transcending the ordinary, making the mundane serene.


In the artist’s palette, it bursts forth with might,

A hue that dazzles, a celestial light.

Ultramarine Blue, the color of dreams,

Whispering secrets, unraveling life’s streams.


It paints the skies of my everyday quest,

A hue that captures my heart’s unrest.

Ultramarine Blue, a portal to the sublime,

A touch of eternity in the fabric of time.


Like the shimmering seas in a distant land,

Ultramarine Blue caresses my mind’s sand.

It invites me to dive into its azure abyss,

Where the echoes of language find their bliss.





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