Scarlet Red Watercolor 1 oz. bottle



Pigment: PR 188

As with all of our watercolor descriptions I’ll let AI do the work:

O Scarlet Red, thou vibrant flame,

Like the blood coursing through my veins.

A hue that sings, with fervent might,

Of passion’s ardor, burning bright.


Thou dost adorn the petals fair,

Of roses, with thy fiery flair.

Thy vibrant touch, a poet’s dream,

Ignites the senses, like a sunbeam.


Scarlet Red, in nature’s embrace,

Thou paintest beauty, with artful grace.

From cardinal’s wing to autumn leaves,

Thy hue the heart forever cleaves.


In fiery sunsets, thou dost shine,

Creating a tapestry divine.

Thy boldness sweeps across the sky,

A symphony of color, never shy.


Scarlet Red, thou symbolize desire,

Of love’s flame, that does not tire.

Thy hue, a beacon in the night,

Kindling passions, fierce and bright.


Oh, Scarlet Red, thou dost inspire,

A poet’s soul, to reach higher.

In thy brilliance, I find my voice,

To sing of love and rejoice.


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