Phthalo Blue Watercolor 1 oz. bottle



Pigment: PB 15:4

As with all of our watercolor descriptions I’ll let AI do the work:

Phthalo Blue, an ocean’s secret hue,

Hiding beneath the surface, deep and true.

A color that captivates, mysterious and serene,

Like the hidden depths of a tranquil marine.


It emerges with a whisper, a shade of subtle grace,

Reflecting the sky’s essence in its tranquil embrace.

Phthalo Blue, a lagoon’s shimmering sheen,

A tranquil lullaby in the realm of the unseen.


Phthalo Blue, a mirror to the soul,

A tapestry of emotions, intertwined and whole.

Its depths mirror the ebb and flow of life,

The calm and the turmoil, the joy and the strife.

So let it ripple through the pages of her art,

Phthalo Blue, a color that stirs the heart.




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