Carbazole Violet Watercolor 1 oz. bottle



Pigment: PV23

As with all of our watercolor descriptions I’ll let AI do the work:



Carbazole Violet, a color that leaps and sings,

A whimsical hue with joyful wings.

It dances across the canvas, a vibrant sprite,

Delighting the eye with its lively light.


Oh, Carbazole Violet, you tickle the imagination’s fancy,

With your vibrant hues, a chromatic necromancy.

You splash and splatter, in wild, carefree ways,

A playful dance of colors that brighten our days.


In the poet’s palette, you’re a mischievous note,

A burst of energy that makes hearts float.

With every stroke, you bring delight,

An invitation to revel in pure delight.


Your purple shades, a kaleidoscope of dreams,

A whimsical journey down playful streams.

Carbazole Violet, you spark the poet’s fire,

With your joyful essence that never tires.






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